Fall might be my favorite season.  

On the one hand, fall around here is pretty labor intensive. Chopping wood, weather proofing, gutter cleaning.... All the other things that nobody wants to do with three feet of snow on the ground. It seems endless at times, but our future selves will love us for all the effort in the end.

But on the other, its the perfect time to get all of the last hikes of the season in. We get to enjoy the magic of the leaves changing on the dogwoods and oaks, and get to hunt those beautiful, tasty Chantrells on the forest floor.  The dry, cool, temperatures before snow, is a perfect time to mountain bike, or scale some sunny rock faces.  It's all so wonderful, but my favorite thing of all, might be sitting around a campfire, after a rain, with a ridiculous amount of blankets, and retell stories with friends and family. 

The Lost Sierra Companies's lightweight zip-up paired with a puffy vest is the perfect fall combo for the crisp morning chill and our cozy mid-weight hoodies are my new favorite thing to wear while stacking wood.