The Lost Sierra

Those of us who live and recreate in these beautiful mountains, know our “Lost” Sierra (the area in and around Quincy, Portola, Downieville, and Graeagle) is one of the world’s best kept secrets. Historically, it has been overshadowed by Sierra Nevada attention hogs like Yosemite and Lake Tahoe (Breathtakingly beautiful places, for sure, but we aren't jealous of the crowds). We have mixed feelings about letting anybody in on this little secret, however, we know the only way to improve the Lost Sierra experience is to share it with those we love. Luckily for me, I’m one of the few that has ‘found’ this little slice of heaven, and... also luckily for me.... you have too!!

The Lost Sierra Company was created for you and me, with utility, comfort, and style in mind.  These ECO-friendly, socially conscious threads are paired with unique graphic designs, reflecting the peace, adventure, and sustainable bond between us and the natural beauty of the Lost Sierra that has been prioritized by our geographic ancestors for generations.  It is The Lost Sierra Company's hope that through our continued conservation efforts, and partnerships with local organizations, our children, and our children's, children will be able to enjoy the wild of the Lost Sierra like we have.  That is why a portion of each clothing item you buy will be donated to conservation organizations who focus is on stewardship and keeping the wild parts of the Lost Sierra, wild. 

The Lost Sierra Company Brand

The Lost Sierra Company is all about adventure. But even more than that, we love that magical time after the bike race, rafting trip, or day hike. The time that you spend remembering and retelling the experience around the fire.  “I can’t believe you lost the baskets on your ski poles, how did you even make it back here?”  “I thought I was a goner on that last switchback.” or “I almost knew that ‘five mile hike’ Steve was talking about was going to turn into 15, doesn’t it always?” All the remembrances of the epic fails, triumphs, and hilarious moments that are spent holding a chilled brew, gathered around a campfire, with good friends.    
Everything that you’ll find here at The Lost Sierra Company is meant to enhance these moments, with comfort, utility, and style.