Bugs, ash, fresh produce, and hammocks.  Need I say more?  Every year I try to clear my calendar so that I can spend ample time enjoying the forest, rivers, lakes, and streams.... but that darn calendar likes to fill itself up anyways.

I've found, though, that many of my favorite memories have been dropping everything last minute, grabbing the family, heading to a lake, and pitching a tent.  And then just being out there with nature and loved ones.

There is nothing like the Lost Sierras.  All of the tees you'll find here are inspired by my own experiences of camping, playing, and resting in these Mountains.  These sweat wicking, eco-consious, tees will hold up to almost anything you can throw at them, and keep the feeling of the Lost Sierra, strong, even if you have the misfortune to have to leave them for a time.