The sound of snow crunching under your boots, the view from your window of white tipped trees in the morning after a fresh snow, and the coziness of sitting by the wood burning stove with your favorite hot beverage.... winter is just breathtaking.

Snow shoeing, cross country skiing, snowboarding, and of course Johnsville's Longboard Races, as well as hopes of getting out of work for a day or two, keep us all hoping for a really great snow season.

When I first moved to the Lost Sierra from Southeast Arizona some of the locals from Wisconsin called the snow here "warm snow".  I thought that sounded crazy at the time (I was always cold), but it's true.  When it snows in the Lost Sierra it does seem to get warmer and invite you out to play.  None of that crazy windchill and freezing snow drifts that the Midwest enjoys.  I keep saying this, but every season in the Lost Sierra, really is the best!  We get to experience all of the seasons without having to deal with the extremes. 

The Lost Sierra Company has lots of great base layer options as well as pull overs and cozy socks to help insulate you for hanging out on the slopes, and easy to shed while enjoying a warm drink in the lodge.